Implants so secure and natural-looking, they're almost like real teeth.

Everyone is familiar with removable dentures—and with the difficulties they can bring:

  • the discomfort,
  • the nuisance of slippage,
  • the dietary limitations,
  • the chore of soaking and cleaning.

But Forest Smiles is one of the only practices in this part of Virginia that offers an extremely advanced alternative to traditional dentures.

Our process creates a new set of natural-looking teeth made of aerospace-grade ceramics, secured in place by dental implants.

With this approach, you not only get a pleasant smile, you also get to enjoy many foods that are not compatible with traditional dentures. There are no worries about slipping, and you care for them just like any other permanent teeth…no taking them out to soak overnight.

Upper Replacement Implants

Lower Replacement Implants

Before and After


“The staff and Dr. Claiborne are very caring and puts the patient at ease.”
Lois Ringely – 5 implants


Cass Testimonial:

Sally and Ed Cass have been long-time patients of Forest Smiles and each received the Same Day Smile procedure (dental implants) with us. Hear about their process, recovery and results.





Dental Implant - Same Day Smile - Lynchburg Virginia Customer Testimonial