What is Same Day Smile?

Same Day Smile is a technological breakthrough in how dental implant treatment is performed.  This amazing advanced technique allows patients to have dental implant placed and walk out of the office the SAME DAY with teeth fixed in place.  Whether you currently have teeth or no teeth this technological breakthrough can be performed all in the SAME DAY in the SAME OFFICE.  Typically dental implants are placed and allowed to heal for 4-6 months. This technique allows the implants to support teeth the very same day.

The first step is the initial consult. At this appointment we will address your concerns and expectations. Making sure Same Day Smile is the right dental treatment for you. The initial consult consists of a comprehensive oral exam, medical history review and a 3-D x-ray. After you have reviewed your treatment plan with our dental implant coordinator and financial coordinator, you will return to the office for your final visit prior to the surgery. At this appointment we will review consent forms, take photos, you will pick out the shape and color of your teeth and we will take impressions to send to the lab. Typically the next appointment is the surgery.

Using a 3-dimensional computer model Dr. Claiborne is able to virtually place the implants in the desired position.

From this virtual 3-dimensional model Dr. Claiborne and the dental lab are able to make a precision fitting surgical guide used for the exact placement of the dental implants.  Since the virtual implant placement and surgical guide allow such a precise placement, the dental lab is able to make “teeth” that fit perfectly on the implants the SAME DAY the implants are placed.

Since Dr. Claiborne places the dental implants and restores the dental implants he is able to offer Same Day Smile when other dentists can’t.

In most cases the teeth placed on the day of surgery are not the final set.  Dr. Claiborne likes to give the mouth time to heal before placing the final set of teeth allowing for the best possible fit and result.

All of your surgical procedures will be performed under IV sedation for your comfort.  In most cases only ONE surgery is required. Our office is proud to serve the Lynchburg, Forest and Bedford areas for their dental implant needs. 

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