Cosmetic Dentistry

Forest Smiles offers a full range of cosmetic dental procedures. From teeth whitening, single all-porcelain crowns to full mouth “smile make-overs”. With the use of digital technology and state of the art lab work we can give you the smile you have always wanted!

Lohryn's Success Story

Lohryn came us to looking for help with changing her “smile”. She is a hard working mother and nurse who placed her children’s needs ahead of her own for many years.  She now felt it was time that she could do something for herself.

Lohryn had quite a few issue for us to contend with including multiple large cavities and “gum” disease. At her first appointment we discussed with Lohryn her wants and desires so we could plan her completed treatment. We took x-rays and performed a thorough examination. Initial impressions were taken, so a diagnostic wax up (re-creation) could be made showing her the desired final look.  We then had Lohryn return to review this preliminary look at her teeth before beginning any work.










Upon her approval, treatment was started.  The first step was treating her gum disease, and then we removed the decay and prepared her teeth for crowns.   By placing temporary crowns based on her wax-up re-creation, she was able to walk out of that appointment wearing a sample of the look she wanted.  This allowed her to give us her thoughts and feedback before moving forward with the final crowns.










Upon her approval her final crowns were made in a state-of-the-art laboratory and at her final appointment they were cemented in place. With good home care and in-office follow up Lohryn will always have something to smile about!